Sanitary Sewer System

The sanitary sewer system in Virginia Beach collects and transports wastewater from individual properties to a Hampton Roads Sanitation District’s (HRSD) wastewater treatment plant.

Gravity Sewer Lines

Most of Virginia Beach’s sanitary sewer system is comprised of gravity sewer lines installed at a specific slope to allow gravity to transport the wastewater "downhill" to a sewer pump station.

Vacuum Sewer System

Some sections of Virginia Beach are served by a vacuum sewer system. Vacuum sewer systems are helpful when underground conditions do not allow for the downward slope needed for gravity sewer lines. Vacuum sewer systems use vacuum pressure to pull wastewater through the sewer lines and into a sewer pump station.

Sewer Pump Stations

Virginia Beach Public Utilities operates and maintains more than 400 sanitary sewer pump stations. A pump station collects the wastewater transported by the sewer lines and pumps it into a sewer force main.

Sewer Force Mains

Sewer force mains are pressurized pipes that transport wastewater from a sewer pump station to an HRSD wastewater treatment plant.