Billing Information

Customers are typically billed every 28-32 days. Water charges are based on a meter reading taken the day an account is billed. Stormwater, trash collection, sanitary sewer, and service availability are all charged as fixed daily rates.

All new and transferred accounts are charged an account set-up fee. This fee covers the cost of establishing your account, turning on your water service, and obtaining your first meter reading. The fee will be reflected on your first bill.

Customers who receive sanitary sewer service (wastewater collection and transmission to the treatment plant), will also receive a bill from the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) for wastewater treatment. HRSD’s charges are based on how much water you use each billing period.

What's in Your Bill

Your bill contains the following information about your service.

Front Page

  • Account Information - Indicates the account number, name of the account holder, service address and reflects total number of days in the billing period.​
  • Account Summary - Provides an overview of account balance, current charges, date due, and amount due.
  • Explanation of Bill Details - Itemized summary of all charges. Includes current charges, balance forward, and total amount due.
  • Summary of Current Charges- Displays service costs in an easy-to-read chart.
  • Messages - Check here for billing information, news, and other special notices.
  • Payment Stub - Lists your service address, account number, due date, and total charges. Detach this portion and return with your payment.

Back Page

  • Ways to Pay Your Bill - Lists payment options including online, by phone, and in person.
  • Contact Us - Provides office hours and contact numbers.
  • Your Water Consumption Comparison - Provides a yearly "visual" of your water consumption based on ​monthly meter readings.
  • Meter Information - Reflects meter read date, type, reading for current and previous bill periods, and amount of water used during current bill period.
  • Messages - Provides a brief description of services and related charges.