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Terms & Conditions

​​​​​​By subscribing to Virginia Beach Public Utilities’ eBill service, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  • You confirm that you are the account holder or an authorized user on the subscribed account.
  • You authorize Virginia Beach Public Utilities to discontinue mailing of your paper billing statements.
  • You will receive your billing statements, including any necessary adjusted or delinquent bill notices, as secure PDF attachments sent to your email inbox.
  • You are responsible for adding Virginia Beach Public Utilities to your email account’s ‘Safe Sender’ list and address book.
  • You are responsible for providing your correct email address and for updating your email address as necessary. You may manage your email address using the ‘email change request’ link included in all eBill email communications or by calling Virginia Beach Public Utilities at (757) 385-4631 (or toll free at 866-697-3481). Failure to update this information may prevent your eBill from being successfully delivered to your email inbox.
  • You are responsible for downloading Adobe Reader​ to be to able open and view your eBill.
  • If your eBill is undeliverable, you will be sent a paper statement and removed from the eBill service. You will be responsible for re-subscribing to the eBill service if you want to stop receiving paper statements and begin receiving eBills again.​

Online Payments

Virginia Beach Public Utilities uses the third-party payment service Speedpay, an ACI Worldwide company, to process online payments made to your Virginia Beach Public Utilities account. Speedpay will require you to enter your bank account or credit card information in a secure form to make a payment. 

By using their form, you are authorizing Speedpay to collect your account information to process your payment. Speedpay represents that the form is secure and protects information you transmit to Speedpay using industry-standard encryption.​

Speedpay, an ACI Worldwide company, is only affiliated with the City of Virginia Beach through payment handling.

If a payment to your account cannot be completed or is refused because of insufficient funds or credit limits, you agree that you are responsible for:

Any late fees, returned payment fees, or other fees that may be assessed in accordance with Virginia law; and any fees or costs (including legal fees and court costs) incurred in attempting to collect the amounts from you.

Use of Account Information

Virginia Beach Public Utilities will not sell the information about your individual account to any third party. Your account information will only be used by us in the following ways:

  • To complete payments using the eBill service.
  • To verify the existence of your water service.
  • To compile research that does not identify you as an individual.
  • To alert you of other new products and/or services offered by Virginia Beach Public Utilities.
  • To comply with court orders or regulatory proceedings, and as required by applicable law, including the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.
  • To obtain financial information regarding your account from a financial institution to resolve payment posting problems.

Unsubscribe Instructions

You may unsubscribe from eBill service by clicking on the ‘Discontinue eBills and return to paper bills" link in all eBill email communications or submitting an unsubscribe form. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours to process the request. Once you unsubscribe, you will revert to receiving a paper statement in the mail.

Should you have any questions regarding eBill, please email ​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ​​​​​​​What is eBill?
    eBill is a paperless way to receive your Virginia Beach Public Utilities and Public Works City Services Bill. It's securely delivered straight to your email inbox. An eBill looks exactly like your paper bill and includes all the information you are accustomed to seeing.
  • Can I get both eB​ill and my paper bill?
    No. When you subscribe to eBill​, Virginia Beach Public Utilities will not mail your paper bill. If you try eBill and decide you want to start receiving paper bills again, just click on the 'Return to Paper Statements' link at the bottom of your eBill emails.
  • How do I subscribe to eBill?
    It’s easy! Complete the short and simple eBill subscription form. You’ll be asked to provide basic information such as your account number and service address. All information you provide is kept secure and private. Within a few hours of submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email and your next bill will arrive via email.
  • How and when will I receive my eBill?
    You will receive your eBill on the same schedule as you would your paper bill. Your meter reading schedule, billing dates, and due dates do not change. Once you sign up for eBill, you will receive your next bill electronically.
  • Is there a fee for this service?
    No. Virginia Beach Public Utilities offers eBill service to our customers free of charge. There is also no fee to make a bank transfer (ACH) payment from within your eBill. When you receive and open your eBill, you will see a form enabling you to schedule and submit your payment.
  • Will I still receive a Virginia Beach Public Utilities newsletter with my eBill?
    Yes. At the bottom of each eBill email, there will be a Pipeline newsletter​ and/or other bill insert.
  • Which email address will my eBills come from?
    Virginia Beach Public Utilities uses to send our eBills. Please add this email address to your safe sender's list.​​ Do not send messages to this address. If you have a question, please email
  • What version of Adobe Acrobat do I need to open and view my eBill?
    You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or higher installed on your computer. 
  • Will I need to remember another password to open my bill?
    No, to open your eBill:
    • Open the PDF attachment included with the email
    • Provide the first five digits of your billing address zip code
  • Can I make electronic payments from the eBill?
    Yes. You will have a no-cost, secure option to schedule a bank draft payment from within your eBill. All of our other payment options are still available.
  • Do I have to pay electronically from the eBill?
    No, you can continue to use other methods including online, over the phone, by mail, and in person. Or, sign up for our automatic recurring payment service and never worry about paying again!
  • If I switch to paperless billing, how will I be able to pay my bill?
    When you receive your eBill, you will have the option of paying straight from your eBill. You can also pay by credit card or bank transfer (ACH payment) online or over the phone at (866) 247-6958.

    For even greater ease and to ensure your bill is always paid on time, switch to our free automatic recurring payment service. Each billing cycle, your payment will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the day it’s due.

    Of course, you can still choose to pay in person or by mail.
  • How do I know that my payment information is secure?
    Please see our eBill Terms & Conditions​.
  • Will I receive a payment confirmation if I pay electronically from my eBill?
    Yes. You will receive an email confirming your payment and the scheduled processing date.
  • How do I change the email address to which my eBill is delivered?
    To change your email address, click on the 'email change request' link at the bottom of your eBill email. A new window will open with an email change request form. Once you've entered your information in the required fields, click submit. Please note, it may take up to 24 hours to process your request.
  • I'm an eBill subscriber but received a paper bill in the mail stating that my eBill was "undeliverable".
    The above scenario indicates that an attempt was made to deliver your eBill to your email address without success. When an eBill is undeliverable, the system automatically sends a paper bill and makes continued attempts to deliver your eBill. After three failed delivery attempts, you will automatically be unsubscribed from our eBill service. You may resubscribe at any time after correcting any email address errors.
    • If the email address you provided when subscribing to eBill is valid (correct with no typos), but you received a paper bill in the mail, it may be due to the following reason(s):
      • Your mailbox is full
      • Unknown host (domain lookup failed) – This can happen when an ISP changes their name (i.e. to
      • eBill email was blocked by your spam filter
      • Server is down
      • Connection timed out

If you've completed troubleshooting and are still unable to receive your eBill, please contact your email service provider.

  • How can I unsubscribe from eBill?
    If you wish to start receiving paper bills again, just click on the 'unsubscribe here' link at the bottom of your eBill emails.​​​