Virginia Beach Public Utilities follows Virginia State Code requirements for delinquent utility accounts. Virginia State Code outlines these requirements in sections numbered § 15.2-2119.4, § 15.2-2121.2, § 15.2-2121.3, and § 44-146.29:4.

Summary of Virginia State Code for Delinquent Utility Accounts:

  • All customers have 90 days past their bill date before they are subject to water service disconnection.
  • At 75 days past their bill date, residential customers receive a delinquent bill with a message that the account is delinquent and will soon be subject to water service disconnection. Residential customers then receive an additional notification through an automated call prior to being eligible for disconnection. Customers can verify or update the phone number associated with their account in PU Online Services.
  • Customers cannot be disconnected due to nonpayment when the temperature forecasted by the National Weather Service is at or above 92 degrees Fahrenheit within the 24 hours following the scheduled disconnection date.
  • Customers cannot be disconnected due to nonpayment on Fridays, weekends, state holidays, or the day immediately before a state holiday.

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